Blood Oaths EP

by Ritualizer

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Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios. All songs by Ritualizer.


released November 29, 2018

PJ Berlinghof - Vocals
Judson Belmont - Guitar
Devin Lavery - Bass
Luigi Gennaro - Drums


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Ritualizer Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn metallers, RITUALIZER, crash the party in 2018 with their debut EP, “Blood Oaths”. The band, featuring vocalist PJ Berlinghof (Twilight Odyssey, Midnite Hellion), delivers an onslaught sure to please classic metal fans. Filling out the line-up are the infernal talents of drummer Luigi Gennaro (Phantom Isle, S.A. Adams ), guitarist Judson Belmont (Orsus) and bassist Devin Lavery ... more

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Track Name: Blood Oaths

Moonlight and blood,
Cries rise up amid the smoke and flames,
Above the raging Sabbath,
The heralds call his many names,
Tonight the land is rife with sacrifice and dark sorcery,
Incantations of blood and pain, infernal ecstasy.

Servants of The Gate,
Open the way, prepare the feast,
Mandrake and despair,
Libations of The Beast.

Murder and song,
Offerings they howl in pain and fear,
Their suffering a beacon,
Drawing the seven Princes near,
Tonight the glade is filled with shades of dwellers of The Pit,
The fountainhead of Evil is where the Master sits.

Hidden pipers weave,
Forbidden songs and melodies,
Demonic vassals sing,
Hymns of blasphemy.

And so they come, shining in the night,
The Black Mystery revealed,
Initiates embrace their might,
Tonight, blood oaths are sealed.

Hemlock, Hellpitch, Wolfsbane,
Sulfur and Bloodroot and candle flame,
Cardinal points, North, South, East, West,
Draw the still warm beating heart from chest.

SIgils and signs,
Within the circle the power swells,
Envoys of the outer darkness,
Come to revel straight from Hell,
Tonight the sacraments, they rest upon the Altar stone,
The Princes claim them for our Lord and for him alone.

In unholy trance,
Fevered bodies writhe and spin,
Dancing the dance of possession,
Awash in lust and sin,
The frenzied rite of pain,
The dark release is close at hand,
Adoration of the names,
Exaltation of the Damned.

And so they came, shining in the night,
The Black Mystery revealed,
The brethren radiate their might,
Tonight, blood oaths were sealed
Track Name: Haunted

Midnight is here and there she is, she’s on the stairs again,
Oh, why are you here my dear and just where in HELL have you been?
Disturbing my sleep and my mind, altered time; strange thoughts arise,
Familiar specters beckon from behind her sightless eyes.

I watch as she bleeds and wonder
Just what it is that she could have done
Over the thunder I shout out
What is your name pretty one?

Midnight is gone, along with another night where I have yet to rest,
Too busy cleaning the walls, the floor, the hall, the whole bloody mess,
She can’t help it I know; it’s not her fault the gore soaked, crimson trails
I try to decipher her cries, find meaning inside her blood choked wails

I watch as she pleads and wonder
Just what it is that I could have done
Over the wind I cry out
What is my name pretty one?

Every night now the same
Somehow I feel that I, oh, that I’m to blame
On the edge of my mind I can sense, sense that I know
Just what happened here so very long ago.

Every night now in blood writing out the names
Pointing at the rope, the sentence for my shame
Oh, every bit of light, well it finally fades away
Every deed of devilry has its own hell to pay

Midnight I’m gone
Track Name: Night Terrors

In the fading light of day the spectral curtain lifts
Misshapen actors crawl onto the stage
The cloak of night blots out the comfort of the sun
The dark play begins; its tale the final promise of the grave
The cloying scent of death, charnel vapors of the Damned,
Find their way into unwelcome dreams
Cold, crumbling flesh devoid of breath reaches for you now
Drawing out your fear, drawing out your screams

Night Terrors
Necrotic messengers of time
Night Terrors
Cloven soldiers of the line
Night Terrors
Fearsome hieroglyphs of doom
Night Terrors
Dark Heralds from the tomb

Behind the veil unhallowed harbingers appear
Chthonian horsemen loosed from Abaddon
Servants of the Void wielding pestilence and pain
Draw the frozen terror ever on and on
Embrace of Hypnos, dark warlord of the Night
Unshakeable in His mighty hold
Crushing annihilation in the eternal dark
Within the dream Hell’s bells begin to toll

Night Terrors
Necrotic messengers of time
Night Terrors
Cloven soldiers of the line
Night Terrors
Fearsome hieroglyphs of doom
Night Terrors
Dark Heralds from the tomb

The shadow lands they stretch before your sight
The waking world it seems has passed you by
You wonder is it fantasy, is it insanity
You wonder will you ever see the lighted sky

Night Terrors
Hussars from the killing fields
Night Terrors
Monuments of blood revealed
Night Terrors
The bloody headsman’s hellions
Night Terrors
Portents of oblivion

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